This past weekend I ventured into a newly built community close to the beach and was so impressed with all the lovely amenities. A kitchen on the patio, a huge game room, 4 bedrooms, 3 floors, an elevator, and great feng shui (except I heard someone say that the sink shouldn’t have been directly across from the stove). No matter …The flow was still amazing to me and for what it’s worth, I’m not a specialist in feng shui, although I do respect the practice. The house was a little close to the neighbors, and you could look straight into the bedroom of another persons bedroom across the driveway and I did notice small cracks in the ceiling, but for the most part… it was still amazing! As we talked and toured I couldn’t help but notice a few little…umm… fall risks though😐. The first was the stair that I just simply didn’t see and I did trip on it. The agent said she mentioned it to her manager but there was nothing they could do. Huh? Did I dare give a simple suggestion of how to remedy this for the potential homeowner? But the agent assured me that the manager was not interested in making any changes. Right ok, so I continued the tour more cautiously, and envisioned my kids walking around in their socks, sliding around, tripping into who knows what. I’m done. “Thanks for the tour!” I said, as I exited down the very steep stairs with no railing. I did it.. I said something, I couldn’t help myself. Jeez! The agent shrugged and nodded her head as if to say she knew. I’m almost positive that someone will faceplant on that stair. Well the agent did mention that she herself had taken a dive. Maybe she was trying to make me feel better. You think? I suppose it’s all about the sale. Tip of the day: If you’re house hunting, consider the signs before you sign on the dotted line.

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