I needed help figuring out a glitch on my website so I called for assistance. The help desk operator, Brian, listened to my needs and after hearing what we talk about on weallfall.com, he shared a story of his father falling down the stairs at his home in the Midwest. At the young age of 75, his father laid at the bottom of his back porch stairs for an hour before his wife found him. Brian said that there’s was no way that the fall could have been avoided. “Ohhhh no no no…”, I said, “hold on!” I’m sure there was something that could have helped avoid the fall.

We talked and came up with a few workable options.

  1. Dad needs an emergency alert system.

A lot of my clients like www.greatcall.com because it has fall detection and gps ability, it’s affordable and easily accessible because you can buy from Rite Aid, CVS or Walgreens as well as online.

  1. Dad needs a railing on both sides of the stairs.

Brian figured one side would work but I say both.

  1. Dad needs visual reminders on his stairs.

Safety tread is good and you can get it from Lowe’s or Home Depot.

Brian was happy and so was I, even though I would’ve loved to assess dads home personally, it’s a start. Not to mention that in our conversation Brian started to recall his own stories of falling and we talked about his possible solutions. My problem was solved and Brian’s was evaluated. A home safety evaluation would have been good for his dad and I invited a call back and I can refer someone for his part of town 🙂

Lesson: There’s always something you can do to avoid falls, you just have to know who to ask.

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