Backpacks and Fall Prevention

A trendy client told me the story of her fabulous lunch at a cute little place on the Westside. She loves eating out and hates to cook so I always listen when she says the food is “Amazing!” She met with her girlfriends of 25 years and they laughed and shared stories of family, friends, and life happenings. I thought this was a really good story until she told me about her fall which included a few broken glasses and utter embarrassment. As she left the table, her foot got caught in the strap of her leather backpack! So she posed the question, “so ‘Ms. Fall Prevention’, how could that have been avoided?” I asked if she was ok first and then simply replied, ”A purse holder! I found them on Amazon! They are great!” Here’s the Link ,I use it all the time and am sure they’ve saved me from a trip myself. They have a lot of different kinds but I like this one because it has a rubber piece that helps it stay steady. I have no financial connection to this item or the company and am just sharing.

Thought for the day: Simple things can make a big difference.

Don’t trip! Keep your bags close and off of the floor by using this little gadget.

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