Today I received a call that a friend from high school had passed away as a result of a heart attack. She was in her 50’s with minor health problems. She wasn’t living alone but with her son (who was in another part of the house when she fell). While they shared texts back and forth earlier in the evening, there was no face-to-face interaction. Apparently he heard something but didn’t check to see where the sound came from. Hours later he found his mom on the floor, deceased. Oh how he must feel! I could only ask myself could her life have been saved by having a device that could have notified her son or the fire department when she fell, would it have saved her life? When should we consider a device to help? I received an email about the Apple Watch 4 getting into the fall prevention business and I’m going to look into this, not because of my age but because it’s too easy for accidents to happen. Sending condolences to everyone who has lost a loved one due to a fall. To anyone who has health issues, please consider taking action! I have no stock in Apple except for the monthly bill I pay. I’m just sharing information that I believe to be useful. 

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